What is the Difference Between Holland, the Netherlands and Deutschland?

Have you ever wondered whether Holland and The Netherlands are the same place? What about Deutschland? Is Dutch the same language as Deutsch? Here's the answer.

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What is the difference between Holland and The Netherlands? What is the difference between Dutch, Deutsch and Deutschland?

First, take a look at this map:

There is a country in Europe called The Netherlands. In this country, there are 12 provinces. One of the 12 provinces is called North Holland and another province is called South Holland. Collectively, these two provinces are called Holland.

This happens in other countries too. If you are familiar with the US, you’ll know that it is common to call North Dakota and South Dakota by the collective name ‘The Dakotas’. Similarly, North Carolina and South Carolina are collectively called ‘The Carolinas’. And so on. Now, back to the Netherlands.

However, ‘Holland’ is such a popular, cool and even more memorable name than the Netherlands so over the years, people have used the term ‘Holland’ to refer to the whole country of The Netherlands. In fact, The Netherlands often brands its tourism platforms using the term ‘Holland’. Also, the capital city - Amsterdam - is located in the province of North Holland so when most people fly into Amsterdam, they fly into Holland first and so as they travel around the country, they carry that name with them. If you say ‘Holland’, everyone will know which country you’re referring to but technically, it is only correct to say ‘Holland’ when referring to the North Holland and South Holland provinces. The correct term for the whole country is The Netherlands.

The main language spoken there is Dutch.

So, what’s the difference between Dutch and Deutsch? Well, Dutch is the language of The Netherlands and Deutsch is the language of Germany. Essentially, Deutsch is the German word for ‘German. Did you get that?

  • Deutsch = German

Consequently, Deutschland is the land of Deutsch or ‘Germany’, another country in Europe.

  • Deutschland = Germany

Let’s recap:

  • The Netherlands = European Country

  • Holland = Collective name for only 2 out of 12 provinces in The Netherlands (North Holland and South Holland)

  • Deutsch = German

  • Deutschland = Germany

So, tell me. Did you know the difference? What did you learn? Also, remember what I asked at the beginning of this newsletter…can you guess what our new game for kids is? Tell me what you think and what you’ve learned.

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