I know about this "visa hack" but wasn't sure of the countries Nigerian passport holders could enter with them. Thanks for sharing, Funmi 👍🏾

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Thank you for the awakening. I have been under utilizing such money-saving opportunity.

It is a good thing that these countries are exploiting their proximity with the US to drive tourism home by easing the visa acquisition process towards a welcoming outlook. If you've passed the ''big -4'' scrutiny you are good enough for our country. Just pay at the gate and enter :-). Common sense thing, really. One can redeploy the travel cost to those embassies for a separate interview as their visa fee on arrival.

Do you reckon in the near future one or any of these 'four big visas' may become the standard reserve like the US Dollar, for travel purpose? A system where one can travel to a US consul, do an interview and be certified okay to visit several others within a year. I mean, we already have it with the Schengen, why not...

Also, are you planning to have SMOT as an app sometime in the future?

Do have a great day!

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