This is what a world without Google would look like.

We documented a day in the life of an average professional and Google products featured every 15 minutes. I also share about a new hiking trip!

My People,

Last week, I was taking stock of my productivity when I realized that most of my everyday apps are powered by Google. I laid out my plans for the rest of the year and tried to identify the tools that would help me reach those goals. Look, I knew how important Google was - a company is important when the brand becomes the verb for all search functions - I just did not realize HOW IMPORTANT it was. Imagine how shocked (maybe impressed) I was to find out that more than 50% of my everyday life would be different without Google. So, I decided to share the fascinating things I found out about Google.

Before I share some cool numbers, watch this very short animation I created to show all the typical Google products that you use from the moment your alarm rings to the moment you fall asleep at night.

Now, to the cool numbers:

  1. Google owns more than 70 everyday products from operating systems like Android to e-mail services like G-mail to Wi-Fi services like Google Fi.

  2. One key driver of success for Google is that the company has grown by helping others grow. It is one thing to sell a useful product to others, it is another thing to help people make money. Currently, Google makes over $110 billion dollars in advertising revenue. That’s $110 billion dollars paid to Google by businesses or individuals who want to drive the kind of traffic that will help them grow. In fact, Google paid out $7.5 billion dollars to creators on YouTube last year; about half of the revenue earned on YouTube alone. Here are more incredible stats about Google.

  3. Google thinks for you. That’s perhaps why the company continues to lead Artificial Intelligence innovation. Google knows where I live (Google Home), where I work and visit (Google Maps), what I watch (YouTube) and what I want to do or buy (Google Search). With so much information, it becomes easier for the brand to think for me, before I realize what I need to think about.

  4. I even discovered that Google creates so many products that up to 200 products have been created and then trashed by Google. There is a whole website that lists out all the products that Google has killed. If you use Google Music like me, that’s the latest one :(

I can only imagine how different our lives would be without Google. Think about how much better our Show Me One Thing community is because of Google. I know I am thankful. If you’re not sure what I am talking about, subscribe to our free YouTube channel where curiosity meets learning.

How about you? What are your favorite Google products? Which ones can you not do without? Just reply this email to share your Google story with me.

Also, guess, what! We are back on the road. After almost one year of dealing with this pandemic, we are so excited to announce our first trip since March.

Upcoming Trips:

  1. Hiking Ado Awaye: On Saturday Sep. 26, 2020, we will go on a day trip to Ado Awaye - the only suspended lake in Africa. This is our first trip in 6 months and we are excited to visit the place we’ve visited almost a dozen times. This trip employs NCDC #safetravel guidelines.

  2. Independence & Dirty December Trips: Life is different now but we still have incredible experiences designed for you. Lookout for our day trip on Independence weekend and our Christmas and New Years experiences.

So tell me, would you like to go hiking on September 26th with us? Simply reply this email or leave a comment to book a slot.

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