What is the difference between Christian denominations?

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So, what is the actual difference between Christian denominations? What separates Catholics from Pentecostals? What separates Seventh Day Adventists from Anglicans?Do Baptists believe the same thing as Anglicans? I know that everyone has asked this question at least once. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Voodon or of another religion. Many people wonder how people who share the same faith have such different beliefs.

I grew up in the Christian church. It was normal to see different denominations all around and it was normal to hear about which ones were like us and which ones were not like us. As I grew up, I wanted to learn more about what actually differentiated Christian denominations from one another. So I went digging. I dug through theological books, history books, articles, documentaries and even family who are currently studying at a theological seminary. My question was simple:

Why are there different Christian denominations and what is the difference between them?

I found some answers. It is not possible to exhaust all the differences but I share some in a simple and easy-to-understand way in this animated video. I also share what unites all the denominations (pretty interesting).

Here’s what I found (video):

Did you know these differences and similarities? What other differences do you know about? Share with us as a reply to this email or leave a comment below.

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